Frozen Pipes: What To Do

Posted: February 17, 2021  |  2 min read

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If you do not have water at your house, it is likely due to a frozen blockage within the pipe where or near the line enters the home. Homes with frozen pipes are at risk of bursting pipes when defrosting occurs and water starts flowing again. Opening faucets/spigots to allow water to flow upon thawing is an excellent first step. This will potentially help prevent bursting pipes within the home.

If you find you have a burst pipe (which may be made evident by a wet spot in the yard or the sound of dripping in the walls), attempt to turn the water off with the water shut-off valve on the pipe that enters your home. This shut-off valve can be located in different places depending upon the home; however, it is usually near the front of the side of the house where the water meter is. In some cases, as with many newer homes, it can be located in the garage. (See photo)

If you have an irrigation system, you may find a leak at the back-flow preventer. This can be isolated with the small valve on the pipe just below the bell-shaped back flow device.

If you are needing to remove the meter lid, be careful not to damage the radio antenna if you have a smart meter.